The Prayer Movement Amazed Cassie's Heart

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His name is Cassie. He is 23 years old. He graduated from one of the nursing schools in England with the title of best nurse in 2014. He immediately got a job as a personal nurse for an elderly man with Alzheimer's, aka senile.
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"My patient is a British man in his 80s and he is a Muslim," Cassie said, as reported by the Saudi Gazette.

Realizing this, Cassie realized that she had to pay attention to how to treat her patients. Of course how to care that does not conflict with the patient's beliefs.

Cassie needs time to adapt to meet the needs of her patients. Regarding the meat menu, Cassie always makes sure there is no mixture of pork or alcohol in the process because both are prohibited in Islam.

After several weeks taking care of the patient. he realized his patients always did the same pattern of movement. At first Cassie thought of the movements carried out by her patients, the duplicate results from other people.

"But I see him repeating himself at a certain time, morning, noon, night," he said.

He explained, the movement, such as raising a hand, bending, and placing the head on the ground. In addition, the patient also always repeats non-English sentences. Cassie claimed she could not understand the meaning of the movement and what language the patient often said when doing the movement.

Feeling curious about this, Cassie finally asked many of her colleagues about the repetitive movements often carried out by her patients. He also found out on YouTube. Apparently, in Islam the movement is called prayer. "I was surprised," he said.

A man who has lost all his memory of his family, his life, even how to eat and drink, is able to remember prayers and holy verses in other languages. That was what caught his attention. He knew his patients were included as pious people. That is what made him want to learn many things about Islam.
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