Prabowo: I am risking life for Pancasila

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Prabowo: I am risking life for Pancasila

 Candidate for Republic of Indonesia President Prabowo Subianto stressed that he never "hit his chest" as a Pancasila. But he risked his life for Pancasila and the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).
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"I have never claimed to be a Pancasila, but I have risked my life for Pancasila," Prabowo said while attending the declaration of the Command of the Priestful Ulama of Prabowo Sandi (Koppasandi) in Jakarta on Sunday (4/11)

Prabowo stressed that the Pancasila had five principles which must be carried out by all Indonesian people. The fifth precept is written "Social justice for all Indonesian people."

Therefore, Prabowo said, he and Sandi had two tasks, namely eliminating poverty from the Indonesian people and upholding justice for all the people of Indonesia.

"Both of these things have broad meaning so that the coalition that we formed is called the Indonesia Fair and Prosperous Coalition so that our nation is safe because prosperity comes from security," he said.

Prabowo also highlighted import policies carried out by the Government in clothing and energy that reflected the sovereignty of the Indonesian people.

On that occasion, Prabowo promised that if he became president, he and Sandi would create Indonesia which stood on its own feet. So as not to import food and energy, even Indonesia can be self-sufficient.

"I testify that Sandi and I accept the people's mandate so that Indonesia will stand on its own feet so that we can be self-sufficient in food and energy. Therefore, in the future we will not need to import 1.3 million barrels of oil," he said.

He reminded, Indonesia is currently facing a great power coming from abroad who want Indonesia not strong and not sovereign and cannot stand on its own feet. Therefore, said Prabowo, the Indonesian people must not be weak. If it is weak, it will be trampled and dictated by other countries
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