Jokowi: Don't shout at prices in expensive markets

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President Joko Widodo (Jookowi) hopes that no party will shout the price of goods in expensive markets. In fact, said Jokowi, what happened was the opposite.

"So, don't shout at the market for expensive prices, later baskets, market traders can be angry at all later because no one will buy them later," the President said at Tangerang's Anyar Market on Sunday (4/11).

The President bought a number of basic necessities at the market accompanied by the Minister of Trade Airlangga Hartarto.

Previously, the Candidate of the Indonesian Vice President Sandiaga Uno claimed the price of tempeh in the market, the Parung Panjang area, Bogor Regency, there was an increase in the prices of goods. The complaint was also conveyed by the traders.

"(If it is called expensive prices), later market traders will be angry at all. The price is stable, the price will not change, many will go down, but there will be one. The usual increase in a fluctuating market price is normal," said the President.

He gave an example of the price of meat which slightly increased. Meanwhile, the price of eggs per kilo is down. "Later, if it is called the price of goods in expensive markets, even mothers will not come to the market. Even come to the mall, come to supermarkets, come to hypermarkets. So, if you go to the market, yes, look at the facts. the price says what it is, "said the President.

The President at Pasar Anyar visited a kiosk for chili, lemon, petai, melinjo, meat, tofu, rice, and visited two tempe traders. "The Rp. 5,000.00 tempe can be cut to 15. I bought everything. Buy petai, tempeh, tofu, fish, and meat for Rp120 thousand, melinjo, Rp. 30 thousand chili, when I can go up to Rp. 80 thousand, but the chili Rp30 thousand, "said the President.

The most important thing according to the President is that the market must be neat, orderly, not muddy, not smelly, and there are parking lots so they can compete with supermarkets.

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