Witness Mute G / 30 / S PKI Still Sturdy Standing

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Sepi is the right word to describe a house on Jalan Lembang Number 58, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta. Monday (1/10) morning, there was no human activity from outside the house. Many times greetings from Republika were also unrequited.

Finally, Republika opened the gate himself, then walked about 10 meters to reach the security guard room. There, Republika was welcomed by Hilmi, the guard of the museum with short hair.

The house is not just any house. The house whose paint color seemed to be eaten by the era was a silent witness to the history of General Ahmad Yani's life. From starting to sleep, eating, talking with family to dying with gunshot wounds, everything happens there.

Since September 30, 1966, the house was made the Heroine of the Revolutionary A Yani Sasmitaloka Museum by President Soeharto. The goal, as a means to pass on the fighting spirit in defending the Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution to the young generation. The area is around 1.3 hectares.

Visitors saw the hole of the former shooting of General Ahmad Yani at the Sasmita Museum Loka Ahmad Yani, Jakarta, Wednesday (30/9).
Hilmi recounted, the majority of the museum's contribution was Yayu Rulia Yani who lived opposite the museum. Yayu is also directly involved in building development because Ahmad Yani's family is still.

Ahmad Yani's family, he said, was still diligent in visiting, especially in the commemoration of the G / 30 / S PKI and the Pancasila Day of Wisdom.

"Yani's family likes to come here. They have been here on Sunday (30/9). Not knowing this day (Monday) there has been no communication. They are busy, there must be many invitations to the Kalibata and Lubang Buaya TMPs," he said.

Unfortunately, the celebration of this year's Pancasila Power Day falls on Monday, where the museum closes. The museum's schedule is open Tuesday-Sunday from 8.00 WIB. Therefore, there is no visitor activity at all this Monday.

According to Hilmi, visitors are quite busy in the past week. Every day, there are more than a hundred people who come. "The crowd last week, there were school students and the general public," he said.

Hilmi was increasingly sucking on his cigarette when he stated that he was alone guarding the museum. He claimed to be often overwhelmed when the number of visitors flattened.

He also limited visits to groups of school students to only 25 people. If more than that, he asked the school to send a letter first, so that he could ask for additional personnel to guard the visit.

Hilmi did not deny that there were feelings of worry when many visitors. One of them, restless if there is a loss of historic items.

Therefore, sometimes he asks for help from the historical community so that he can act as a guide. "If it's gone, the name of history is hard to find again," he said.

Moreover, the number of collections in the museum is very large. Collectibles range from large ones such as cabinets or benches to small ones like table displays. During this time, collection objects were arranged in nine rooms.

Visitors see photos of General Ahmad Yani's relics at the Sasmita Loka Ahmad Yani Museum, Jakarta, Wednesday (30/9).
Entering the museum door visitors will witness the living room. There, visitors can feel the atmosphere of Ahmad Yani when welcoming guests. The room was equipped with a storefront containing souvenirs such as medals, weapons or ivory models.

Furthermore, visitors enter the adjutant's room which was once used as a work room for Ahmad Yani's aide. This room exhibits a collection of various themes of books besides military science. There is also a collection of Sumatran tigers that are preserved.

"There are at least 500 books here," he said.

Then, visitors can feel the atmosphere of Ahmad Yani when taking a break in the lounge. Reportedly, this room became a witness when Ahmad Yani sat reading a book while accompanied by a cup of tea. From this room, Ahmad Yani often watched his children play swings in the yard.

Then, there was a special room where Ahmad Yani used to work and gave his assistant's direction. This room holds a bloody dawn painting depicting Yani's resistance to the PKI.

Visitors can also enter the family's dining room. There are two rooms inside, namely the family dining room and the mini bar room where foreign guests entertain. This room is the most important in the museum.

"In this space General Yani was shot and fell during an abduction attempt," Hilmi said.

After that, visitors can see the room of Yani's private bedroom and the children's bedroom. The interesting part of Yani's room is the General's diary and cigarettes.

The last two rooms are the documentation room and the revolutionary hero space. The two rooms each hold a collection of photos and clothes. 
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