Why Jellyfish Suddenly Appear in the Waters of Ancol Beach?

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Head of North Jakarta Food, Marine and Agriculture Resilience Agency (KPKP) Rita Nirmala said the emergence of jellyfish on the surface of Ancol Beach is currently due to declining water fertility conditions. "Usually jellyfish are a lot if water fertility decreases or decreases," said Rita, Saturday (10/13/2018). The waters become infertile due to the lack of small plants and animals that float in the water. "This change in the chemical and physical parameters of the declining waters has caused many jellyfish in the Ancol coast," Rita added. Extreme weather like lately has become one of the causes of decreased water fertility.

However, Rita said that the phenomenon would not last long because water had its recovery power. "Don't worry, this won't last long, it will be normal again later," Rita said. He could not confirm when the water condition recovered and the jellyfish disappeared. "It cannot be predicted yet, when this has to be done through research and through a long analysis process we can find out how long and how to reduce this jellyfish," said Rita. According to him, jellyfish can cause itching for people who come into contact with jellyfish. "It's not dangerous, it's just itching. Just flush it with water and then lose the itching yourself. But you must be careful, of course, "Rita added. Jellyfish look a lot on the edge of Ancol Beach. The color is various, the small one is usually white bone while the large one looks brown.
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