TKN KIK: Farhat Abbas Offside

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Deputy Chairman of the National Campaign Team (TKN) for presidential and vice presidential candidate Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amin, Johnny G Plate spoke about Farhat Abbas's comments. He said, the sentence that Farhat said was not an attitude of the Indonesian Workers Coalition (KIK).

Offside, that is not the TKN's attitude. That is perhaps a personal opinion, maybe even more fun, "Johnny G Plate said in Jakarta on Thursday (13/9).

He said, KIK TKN delivered an apology regarding the statement. He asserted that the sentence had exceeded the normal limits and did not become part of the design of the TKN.

Johnny revealed that, according to Jokowi's direction, TKN would compete with full hospitality, friendship, event, vision and mission, contested integrity. "This contestation is also the arena of real work and real works," he said.

The Secretary General of the Democratic National party also asked all parties not to submit a hoax in campaigning. He continued, this also involves low purchasing power, high inflation and difficult living people.

He said, the people are currently enjoying good transportation and connectivity nationally. He said, mothers at home now do not need to be too dizzy to think about the cost of children's education following the smart Indonesian program.

He continued, even when when their children had fever they had to be taken to a referral hospital, they did not need to be bothered because their health insurance was well available. "These things will certainly provide comfort and happiness for the people," he said.

Previously, Farhat Abbas said that people who did not vote for Jokowi would go to hell. That statement he made through uploading on his Instagram account @ farhatabbastv226.

"Those who choose Pak Jokowi go to Heaven! Those who do not choose Pak Jokowi and those who insult, slander & listen to Pak Jokowi! They will go to hell! (Spokesman-Indonesia)," he uploaded.

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