This Seattle ghost tour freaked us out — and it’ll scare you, too

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The idea
Crystal: Two intrepid (soon to be just trepid) Seattle grow old journalists and a paranormal specialist drive more or less Seattle in a van on a Monday night for Private Eye Tours Haunted Happenings tour of Seattle It sounds later than the start of a joke, but its more subsequently the beginning of a 1-tomato horror film. Happily, we already know the ending, and the Black girl doesnt die in this movie.

Megan: First of all, I AM SORRY. This might be the theme of the night for me? As a morbidly curious Ann judge enthusiast who grew up gone the Green River Killer battle in Seattle (and subsequently covered an update on it as an adult, AMA), I usually have a pretty high tolerance for this stuff visiting places where awful crimes happened, or that are maybe haunted but this tour was def worse than I thought it would be. I was entirely scared and I take full responsibility! But yes, the key TL;DR here is that we made it! Nobody had to be the firm girl! Yay?

First impressions

Crystal: No lie, I was nice of relieved later than we were unknowingly standing in the incorrect parking lot thinking wed been stood occurring by the Private Eye Tours van. I once my horror in fictional TV home where the people are lovely Hollywood actors who I can Google cutting edge to remind myself that they did not die miserable deaths and are nevertheless pretty, wealthy and happy somewhere. This was 100 percent your idea, Megan.

Megan: I give a positive response full responsibility!

Makeup player and actress Rochelle Kellogg in full costume. (Rebekah Welch / The Seattle Times)
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Crystal: bearing in mind we found the right pickup point and axiom the van waiting for us, I was torn surrounded by feelings of Whelp, there go three freaking hours of my night and I always knew Id die in a puzzling white van waiting for me in a parking lot 

Megan: Was it bigger or worse than bearing in mind you thought you might die take action SoulCycle?

Crystal: Aaand now Im gonna have nightmares roughly SoulCycle ghosts. Thanks, Megan!

Megan: most likely the SoulCycle studio you went to will be on the tour someday!

The tour
Crystal: This ish was legit scary tho! I in fact normal to be rolling my eyes at kitschy, silly stories the total time, but things got in view of that real in view of that fast.

Megan: Yes! It as a consequence didnt support that the van enormously looks later a child-snatching vehicle, and we were the on your own two people on the Monday-night tour, for that reason we had the ghosts all to ourselves.
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