There is No Election Potential in Palu-Donggala Delayed

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Members of the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu), Fritz Edward Siregar, said that currently the election organizers had not thought about delaying voting at the locations of natural disasters in Palu and Donggala. Nevertheless, Bawaslu is still collecting information about the development of infrastructure damage due to the earthquake and tsunami in the two regions.

"Until now, based on the results of our discussions with the KPU, there was no thought of the process of delaying (the election). The accusations were usually due to natural disasters on the H day. Hopefully the recovery process can run immediately," Fritz said when contacted by reporters on Tuesday (2/9) afternoon.

This recovery process is related to voter data collection and readiness of the local KPU and Bawaslu. According to Fritz, not all local election supervisors could be contacted.

"Indeed, until now it is also a bit difficult to get in touch with the existing provincial Bawaslu. Members of the Indonesian Bawaslu, Mrs. Ratna Dewi Pettalolo are going to Palu and now the Bawaslu assistance has reached Palu. But indeed we cannot contact Bawaslu members of Central Sulawesi Province and also Donggala Panwaslu, "explained Fritz.

He further explained, the central Bawaslu could not yet know exactly the details of the electoral infrastructure that was damaged. However, if you look at the condition of earthquake damage in general, it will greatly affect the implementation of voting in the area.

Therefore, data collection from the central Bawaslu will target two things. First, whether the election organizer and the electoral infrastructure are damaged or not.

Second, whether there are voters who have passed away or are relocated to new areas. "We still have a lot of homework to do after this disaster," he said.

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