There is Jokowi's family in the Bakamla case, the KPK is waiting for the trial results

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The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) responded casually to the recognition of the accused former Commission I member, Fayakhun Andriadi, regarding the family of President Jokowi who was allegedly involved in a project scandal in Bakamla. Whereas this was disclosed by Fayakhun in front of the trial while carrying out the examination of the defendant at the Jakarta Corruption Court.

KPK Spokesperson, Febri Diansyah, said Fayakhun had once opened it in the KPK investigation. But, so far, the identity revealed by Fayakhun has not been explained yet.

"Fayakhun's statement was indeed conveyed at the time of the investigation by the Investigator, stated in the BAP and opened at the hearing. But Fayakhun did not convey the name of the person referred to as 'Jokowi's family' with the reason of not remembering," Febri said when confirmed by the media crew via a short message, Wednesday , October 17, 2018.

While the PDIP politician and staff chief of the Marine Security Agency, Ali Fahmi, alias Ali Habsyi, who was suspected of knowing the problem, his whereabouts are still unknown. Even though the KPK had prevented Ali Habsyi from traveling abroad regarding the bribery case of the Bakamla project. "Ali Fahmi's whereabouts are unknown," said Febri.

Febri also claimed to have confirmed the KPK prosecutor who tried Fayakhun's case at the hearing. especially regarding the alleged Jokowi family in the Bakamla case. "I have also asked the prosecutor, so far the information is still a single statement," Febri said.

Even so, press Febri, his side will see in full the facts of the trial that is still ongoing, to decide the development of the case.

"The trial is still ongoing, we do not know exactly how the end of the handling of this case. We recommend that the understanding is intact, let us refer together with the trial process," said Febri.

Previously, defendant former member of Commission I of the House of Representatives, Fayakhun Andriadi claimed to have been introduced to President Joko Widodo's family by Ali Fahmi aka Ali Habsyi, in 2016.

Fayakhun revealed this while undergoing an examination of the defendant at the Jakarta Corruption Court, Wednesday, October 17, 2018.

"He said, we have the support of power. Then three people were introduced from a solo family. One is rather old, introduced as Mr. Jokowi's father, then the second is Pak Jokowi, one is Pak Jokowi's brother-in-law," Fayakhun said.

According to Fayakhun, in 2016, Ali Habsyi invited him to meet at the Grand Mahakam Hotel, Jakarta. Habsyi asked Fayakhun's presence, because the meeting was important enough.
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