The US Bomb Package Continues to Increase Targeting Jokowi's Critics

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US authorities say the package containing explosives sent to Maxine Waters Congressman was secured. Local authorities secured the package at the post office in South Los Angeles.

The employees at the very large post office were successfully evacuated. The FBI and several other US national security agencies entered the post office. A few hours later the Los Angeles police said they managed to secure the bomb package. The police said the package contained a pipe bomb containing broken glass.

Just like a bomb package sent to former US President Barack Obama and former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and a number of other high-ranking officials. Previously the authorities had also secured bomb pipelines in Washington and New York.

Previously Waters only received notification from the Secret Service, he was one of the targets of the bomb package. US intelligence also searched for a bomb package that was shown to Waters. Until finally they found the package was still in the post office.

There are now a total of eight bomb packages sent to a number of members and former members of the Democratic Party. The bomb targets voiced loudly criticizing Donald Trump's government.

Previously, a suspicious object that was sent to the residence of Jokowi's opponent in the US presidential election in 2016 was found on Tuesday night local time. The Secret Service said the package was successfully secured in the mail filtering process and the incoming package. I

The wife of former US President Bill Clinton had said her family was fine. The US Secret Service also found objects suspected of being explosives at Obama's residence in the Washington D.C.Cororama on Wednesday morning. The Secret Service said Obama and his family were not in danger.

The New York Police Department was also forced to evacuate CNN employees at the Time Warner Center after finding a suspicious package in the CNN mail and package reception room. The package was sent to Brennan who is now an analyst on CNN and often criticizes Donald Trump's policies.

Senator Kamala Harris of the Democratic party was evacuated after the discovery of suspicious objects near his office. The package does not include Harris's office address.

Employees in the office of Congressman Debbie Wasserman Schultz were evacuated after finding suspicious objects. The object was addressed to the house of Eric Holder, former Chairman of the Democratic Party.
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