the story of Cats in Islamic Civilization

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Cat, has a story in the trajectory of history. Even in the development of human civilization. There is a time when a cat is worshiped.

But on the contrary, this animal is also considered a demon. At a time in Europe, cats with women were considered as devil partners.

For example, during an epidemic called 'Black Death', many cats lost their lives due to massacres. However, it turns out, the killing of cats on a large scale does not make things better.

On the other hand, there are a few forgotten cat stories, especially in the midst of the development of Islamic civilization. If you look at the time of the Prophet Muhammad with his companions, in general they have set an example to give love to animals, including cats.

Even in the Islamic world, the nickname of Abu Hurayrah or the father of cats appeared. He is a friend of the Prophet Muhammad. He got the nickname from the Prophet Muhammad, for maintaining a small male cat, which in Arabic is called hurayrah.

In the introduction to the book Lorraine Chittock, entitled Cats of Cairo, the late Annemarie Schimmel, a German scholar, wrote about the story of this cat.

According to Schimmel, when he was an English Orientalist, EW Lane lived in Cairo in the 1830s, he was very amazed to see the scenery every afternoon in the park of the tall courthouse there. Lots of cats gathered in the park.

People carry baskets laden with food for cats that mingle in the afternoon. Lane, Schimmel said, later obtained information that the scene was related to the tradition of fulfilling the obligations of judges which began in the 13th century.

At that time, it was during the reign of Sultan Al-Zahir Baybars from the Mamluk Dynasty. He who is known as a cat lover, has made the creation of a place called the cat park. In this place, cats can get everything they need and like.

The tradition of feeding cats continues. People who visit cities in the Islamic world, will find countless cats. Many cats roam freely, on the streets of Cairo, Istanbul, Kairouan, and Damascus.

In other cities in the power of Islam, there is a similar view. Cats, often found hanging around in mosques. They are treated well and welcomed with pleasure. Not only for functional reasons, to repel mice.
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