The story of Asep Dipasung, BPJS and Mrs. Kades

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Asep Kosasih (37 years) is a Person with Mental Disorders (ODGJ) who is put in his home. The location of his house is in Kampung Somang, Parung Panjang, Bogor Regency. When visited the home of Pepen Supenti, Asep's stepbrother, he said he had complained about his brother's condition to the village head but there was no suggestion. "I asked the village head, where is the social service because I don't know," he told, Friday (12/10).

After that, Pepen was asked to go to the village hall to register a free BPJS. However, when there is no one there.

However, Pepen did not give up. He went to the village hall to make BPJS. He met Yoga, who is a member of Keswa (Community Welfare). "He said the first compromise was with the group," he said.

However, there is no certainty until now. Finally, Pepen took the initiative to the Social Service Office.

"When he arrived at the Social Service, he told him to take Asep to the hospital for hospitalization first," he said.

After that, he said, BPJS will be created by the Social Service which will be active on that day. After Pepen went to Social Affairs, the next day the Village Head of Parung Panjang visited Pepen's house.

"The head of the village was offended because the news was already in the Republika newspaper," he said.

Pepen was blamed for not reporting first. Pepen claimed to have reported but was not responded to.

And have sent a photo of Asep's condition. "He said the photo was not sent and did not see," he said.

Pepen added, the village head only said that it would be processed with three other ODGJ in Parung Panjang. The village head also advised Asep to make a KTP first.

"Yes, it can't, right? Asep also, how do you do it?" also approached Asep in his room. Asep is lying down and calls Pepen's name. The unpleasant smell burst from his room. Only curtains cover the room.

Asep returned his gaze. He chained his legs. The room was small. Rough and dirty mattress. He scratched his body. The roof of the room is only made of woven bamboo which has been damaged.

When night falls, he often goes berserk, and also always asks for food. "Request food only," Pepen said.

Greti, who is Pepen's neighbor and a member of the Indonesian Schizophrenia Care Community (KPSI), said that ODGJ in Somang village had ended up hanging himself. "It's still primitive here. There are also those who say ODGJ is possessed, "he said.

Regarding the village head who visited Pepen's house, Greti was also at Pepen's house. "So angry because of embarrassing Parung Panjang," he said.

When the news spread all over Parung Panjang was in turmoil. "He said why did I bring journalists, if there were no reporters there was no one who helped," he said.

Greti is concerned that Asep lives on skin and bones. He eats every two days. Each serving contains a piece of rice.

Parung Panjang Village Chief, Nina Kurniasih, claimed to have known yesterday (Thursday) about Asep. "It's not a lie, there is no WA," he said when confirmed by

According to him, Pepen only asked about free BPJS. After that there is no continuation.

There are no complaints. "Mrs. Pepen once said resignation did not want to say anything to anyone," he said.

Nina also has a team to check the condition of all citizens. Previously, Nina had also brought 2 ODGJ to a mental hospital in Bogor.

"It's impossible for me to stay quiet," he said.

Regarding Pepen's story, claiming that there was no response from the village head, Nina said, there was no possibility of no response because he had proof. "I have the proof, if I need to send it," he said.
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