Subhanallah, One House in Petobo Is Still Whole

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The earthquake and tsunami that rocked Central Sulawesi (Central Sulawesi) some time ago left many sad and awesome phenomena. That was experienced by the group of the Amil Zakat, Infaq and Shadaqah Institute (LAZIS) Wahdah Islamiyah while traversing the mud which was hoarding the Petobo area, Palu City. They found there was a house still intact in the middle of a stretch of mud.

Lazis Wahdah Islamiyah Volunteer Nasruddin Abdul Karim witnessed a house among a few houses that were almost still intact and attracted the attention of his entourage. "This cream-colored house still remains sturdy even though on the left and right front and back full of mounds of mud that are starting to dry up,"

Then the rice field area that was once behind the house has now shifted and is just across the street in front of the house. It turned out that this house was the home of Habir Ponulele, former regent of Donggala.

According to Ustaz Abdul Haris (40), a companion of his trip, Habir and his family survived after being trapped in the mud. They finally managed to evacuate the surrounding residents who survived.

"His daughter is trained by our wife Dirosa and Alhamdulillah is safe too" said Abdul Azis who is also the Secretary of the Sigi DPD Wahdah Islamiyah.

With this phenomenon and many stories from survivors, he said, it is appropriate to believe that humans are increasingly given the opportunity to get closer to the Creator.
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