SMRC Criticizes the Slogan "Make Indonesia Great Again"

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Saeful Mujani Research & Consultant (SMRC) researcher Saidiman Ahmad highlighted the use of the slogan "Make Indonesia Great Again" or "Making Indonesia Great Again" by presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto. According to him, the use of slogans that mimic the United States President Donald Trump is in the dangerous category.

Saidiman said, Prabowo used issues with the intention of driving public opinion that Indonesia was threatened. Prabowo then claimed to be the savior of Indonesia.

In fact, the use of Trump-like slogans only causes divisions. Moreover, Indonesia consists of multi-ethnic communities.

"It is very dangerous. The sentiment of the race is dangerous for the future. If it is connected, there is an effort to lead to an atmosphere that is threatened. It is not healthy if the public is consumed by the issue," he told reporters in a discussion in Jakarta on Friday (12/10).

Saidiman said that Prabowo and Joko Widodo often used populist issues. It's just that both are different in processing issues. Prabowo, he said, used the issue of generating nationalism. However, the issue by Prabowo is prone to creating social conflict.

"(Prabowo) creates state issues in threats. Indonesia will dissolve. Similar to anti-Chinese sentiments in America, Americans must rise again. There is a sense of patriotism without economic calculation from social conflict," he said.

He regretted the issue made by Prabowo. Because, such an issue could erode public reason.

"Maybe the initial intention of a political instrument. But if the sentiment violates the rationality of voters," he said.

PDIP politician Budiman Sudjatmiko views the statement of presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto regarding 'the economy of ignorance and Indonesia's make great again' without data and facts. Instead, he accused Prabowo of displaying oddities in him over the two statements. What's more, Prabowo blatantly said that Indonesia would dissolve.

"I think Pak Prabowo is a bit strange, when we want to build optimism to be able to lead the fourth Indonesian revolution, he says Indonesia will be threatened with disbandment. Now, when we want to spur the natural and artificial intelligence of the Indonesian people, Prabowo even talks about the economy of ignorance," he said in discussion in Jakarta on Friday (12/10).

Budiman considered Prabowo's statement about the economic system of ignorance was incorrect when referring to current development. In addition, he doubted the suitability of the facts from the statement "Make Indonesia Great Again". Because, the Jokowi government has directed Great Indonesia.

"What does he want. After he said the ignorance economy then" Make Indonesia Great Again "the narrative of dwarfing himself is stupid, disband, so I don't think it's suitable," he said.

Previously, Prabowo stated that the latest economic system was a foolish economy. He said this when addressing the National Islamic Da'wah Institute (LDII) Rak Buaya, East Jakarta on Thursday (11/10). The statement got opposition from Jokowi's camp.

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