Situbondo Earthquake Has Similarities with the Lombok Earthquake

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BMKG's Head of Earthquake and Tsunami Mitigation Division, Daryono, said the earthquake that occurred in Situbondo on Thursday (11/10) at 01.44 WIB had a common thread with the earthquake that occurred in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) some time ago. Daryono said the Situbondo earthquake had a connection with a shift in faults that rose up to Flores which caused an earthquake in NTB.
"If you look at this mechanism, there is a common thread with the fault going up in Flores, because the fault pattern is so, the rise and direction to the southeastern sea and rising is similar to earthquakes," said Daryono when contacted by on Thursday ( 11/10) early morning.

Daryono also considered the Situbondo earthquake to be similar in pattern and type of vibration from the earthquake in NTB. "If there is a resemblance to the source pattern of the earthquake that is similar to the earthquakes that occurred in the Flores Lombok Fault. This can be seen from the guitar and the mechanism that there are similarities with the Flores fault," said Daryono

According to him, the vibration of the Situbondo earthquake also covers a wide area. That is because, the earthquake which is located 61 km northeast of Situbondo is a shallow earthquake.
"6.4 SR is a strong earthquake, 12 km is shallow so it will be felt in places as far away as Surabaya, Mataram, NTB that are strong so that they are felt far away. In Bali it is also felt, this vibration spectrum is quite wide because it is quite significant," said Daryono.

Daryono revealed aftershocks could still occur, but with a smaller scale than the main earthquake. According to BMKG records, there has been aftershocks after the 6.4 SR earthquake that occurred at 01.44, namely two o'clock passing with a strength of 3.2 on the Richter scale.

"Once, there is still a potential for aftershocks but don't be too scared. Because historically the earthquake will not be big and not strong there," said Daryono.
An earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale based in the Situbondo region, East Java took place precisely at 01.44 WIB in 61 km northeast of Situbondo. The earthquake occurred at a depth of 10 km. The earthquake that had no tsunami potential was also felt to Bali and Mataram.

The earthquake was also felt evenly by residents in the East Java region, Thursday (11/10). The earthquake that occurred around 01.44 WIB also made the people panic.

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