Sandiaga said about "Make Indonesia Great Again"

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Candidate for vice president number 02, Sandiaga Uno, considers the slogan "Make Indonesia Great Again" which was made by his spouse presidential candidate, Prabowo Subianto, to be normal and legitimate. 

"So this arouses our enthusiasm and I don't think it is necessary that this is contrary to what was done by President Jokowi (Joko Widodo) and the Hajj Ma'ruf (Ma'ruf Amin) kiai, also they think that Indonesia can be victorious too," Sandiaga said when he was met at the Riau Student Dormitory, South Jakarta, Saturday (10/13/2018). 

"Why should be criticized. That also Mr. Jokowi has the same dream that we want Indonesia Jaya, "continued Sandiaga. According to Sandiaga, the Indonesian nation has a history as a large and victorious nation during the reign of the kingdom. According to Sandiaga, the slogan delivered by Prabowo Subianto was a form of love and desire for the Indonesian nation to become a stronger and more prosperous nation. "Pak Prabowo is loving what he does and doing what he loves. So he loves this nation, he wants this nation to be strong, and we have been victorious. "Our era (kingdom) of Sriwijaya is glorious, our era (kingdom) of Majapahit is glorious," said Sandiaga. 

"At the time when our economic growth had reached 7 to 8 percent we were victorious. We are the king of exports, we are the king of Indonesian products known abroad as a country that is extremely economically strong, "continued Sandiaga. In addition, Sandiaga also highlighted Indonesia's current economic conditions. According to Sandiaga, the government must control the internal conditions of the economy in Indonesia to deal with the global economy which is experiencing turmoil. 

Also read: Timok Jokowi: Make Indonesia Great Again It has been done by Mr. Jokowi since 5 years ago "Indonesia should focus internally, fix our internal. And I have been sparing repeatedly, we have to save money. "Cut imports that can be delayed, exports boosted," said Sandiaga. It is known, Prabowo had said the words "Indonesia First, Make Indonesia Great Again" in his speech at the National Working Council (Rakernas) of the Central Leadership Council (DPP) of the Indonesian Islamic Da'wah Institute (LDII) 2018, Thursday (11/10/2018). These words are almost similar to the slogan used by Donald Trump in the past US Presidential Elections.
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