Respond to Prabowo about the Economy, PDIP-PKB Talking External Factors

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PDIP and PKB responded to the statement of presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto who mentioned that Indonesia's economy was vulnerable. Two parties that are members of the coalition carrying out the presidential-vice presidential candidate Joko Widodo (Jokowi) -Ma'ruf Amin are compact talking about external factors that have an impact on the Indonesian economy.

"We hope Mr. Prabowo does not dramatize the various problems that we are facing, including the impact of normalization of monetary policy in the US and the relentless neoprotectionism regime in various parts of the world. We must objectively evaluate it. Don't slip like in the case of Ratna Sarumpaet," Chairman of the DPP PDIP Hendrawan Supratikno told AFP on Friday (05/10/2018).

He said the dramatization of economic problems for short-term targets could give birth to pessimism, apathy and public unrest. Hendrawan invited to compete ideas and find solutions to solve existing problems

"Dramatization of issues that have short-term political targets can generate pessimism and apathy of society, in addition to spreading the seeds of social unrest. We agree on ideas, solutions and programs. We are waiting for the exposures of each chapter to be enlightening and exciting. Non-objective criticism. which is tendentious, always ahistorical. It's only beautiful in rhetoric but lacks 'applicability', "he said.

Secretary of the DPP PDIP Education and Training Agency Eva Kusuma Sundari said all economic institutions stated that Indonesia's economic conditions were good. The reason is that Indonesia can face a crisis many times.

"It seems Pak Prabowo Subianto based his analysis on the rupiah depreciation that has been answered that the rupiah situation is not as bad as in Argentina, Turkey. All economic institutions say that our economic fundamentals are good. "In short, the imune is already high," Eva explained.

Then, PKB Secretary General Daniel Johan assessed that Indonesia's economic conditions were also influenced by the global economy. He said that the current Jokowi government was very prepared to anticipate all possibilities.

"This is the effect of global economic development, so that not only Indonesia is affected, but many countries. The Government of Jokowi is already very prepared to anticipate all possibilities. So there is no need to worry. The important thing is there is awareness and enthusiasm of all parties that this is our common problem. we go through together together, not even cause irrelevant panic, "said Daniel.

Daniel then stated that PKB would give a number of inputs to the government, among others by facilitating the export of superior commodities to increase foreign exchange.

"PKB also immediately asked the government to really facilitate and facilitate so that there are no barriers to the export of superior commodities, such as fisheries. Immediately remove any obstacles that exist because of their huge potential to increase the country's foreign exchange by around USD 2 billion per year," he explained

Previously, Prabowo gathered his winning team who were experts in economics. He views the Indonesian economy as currently in serious condition.

"Tonight, from a few hours ago, we have gathered several leading economic experts in Indonesia who have become our economic team," Prabowo said at his residence, Jl Kertanegara, South Jakarta, Friday (05/10/2018).

"We, which cannot be felt by all nations in a situation that is not encouraging, even by international institutions, including Indonesia are classified among five emerging market countries that are vulnerable to economic prospects in the future," he continued.

Then, one of the figures present at Prabowo's residence, Rizal Ramli, stated that Indonesia's economic condition was now a red light. He considered that the condition would continue.

"But it is unfair to blame everything on international, Italian, Turkish, US Fed factors. We must also introspect that we must make ourselves healthy. We must take steps so this crisis is reduced, "Rizal said.
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