Regarding the Life Security Money for the Victims of the Lombok Earthquake, Sri Mulyani said

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Minister of Finance (Minister of Finance) Sri Mulyani Indrawati raised her voice regarding the news of one of the newspapers in Lombok which stated that the central government was not sure to distribute the life insurance (jadup) money to earthquake victims in Lombok. According to Sri Mulyani, the schedule will only be distributed when the victim after living in a temporary shelter or permanent housing and or after returning to their homes. 

"This is in accordance with the Government Regulation (PP) No. 22 of 2008 concerning Funding and Management of Disaster Relief and the Minister of Social Affairs Regulation No. 4 of 2015 concerning Direct Aid in the form of Cash for Disaster Victims. Currently, most of the disaster victims still live in tents. refugee tents, and in general have been facilitated to meet their basic needs, "said Sri Mulyani in her official statement on Monday (10/08/2018). The former Executive Director of the World Bank added, now the Ministry of Social Affairs (Ministry of Social Affairs) continues to coordinate with the NTB Provincial Government to resolve this.

Because, from the procedural aspect, assistance for the schedule is channeled after the local government proposes the name and address entitled to receive the schedule to the Ministry of Social Affairs. "Currently the Government, namely the Ministry of Social Affairs, BNPB, and the Ministry of Finance are reviewing all proposals and supporting documents to maintain accountability, governance, calculation and budgeting," explained Sri Mulyani. Sri Mulyani then continued, the current governance procedures and the importance of completeness and accuracy of documents for the budgeting process to disbursement of aid funds were for accountability and accountability for the use of APBN funds. 

In addition, he also ensured that the government continued to be committed in helping and restoring Lombok after being hit by a recent earthquake. "This is a public responsibility that must and will be fulfilled. Not only is the schedule, the recovery of the socio-economic life of the post-disaster residents is also given for physical and non-physical development as well as material and non-material," said Sri Mulyani. Until now, he continued, the government has spent the budget from the Natural Disaster Reserve in the 2018 State Budget amounting to Rp 2.1 trillion, of which Rp 683.6 billion was given to BNPB for stimulant assistance to damaged houses for 23,105 first stage units as well as logistical and responsive operations assistance emergency.
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