Reason and Impact of Activity Check the HP Shortly after Wake Up

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A few seconds after waking up from sleep, your mind is fixed on your cellphone or smartphone. Many questions and desires to see our cellphones that appear immediately. What did you talk about at WAG last night? My upload photos last night who likes on Facebook? How many hundred blog posts have you seen? Has there been a reply email from a colleague in Malaysia?

There is a lack of feeling before and when opening our smartphone when you wake up from sleep. Then why are we so used to just seeing notifications. First, work trends in the digital era are fast and full of distortion. We must admit in the digital era, the name of work now does not know the time and place.

Email related to work, or chat and reminder from the boss seems to haunt wherever we are. Even during the day and night is not the reason we don't do something. Distortion of other affairs also shortens our performance. When a job is being done, another report's email notification has been in the inbox. Not to mention the noisy chat group work colleagues who are noisy about the year-end bonus. The mind and heart are split until it is difficult to focus.

No doubt, one important thing when you wake up in the morning is a matter of work. Work is no longer in office. But sometimes the work is so real on a 5-6 inch screen of our smartphone.

Second, the social media lifestyle is noisy and rushed. Social media notifications and chat groups make us happy. We feel there is an uninterrupted interaction with parents, friends, or colleagues. Although it can be said that this is an illusion of digital communication alone.

Opening notifications or replying makes us rush. If there are too many social media / group chat notifications, we become self-conscious. Even if you don't reply to chat / reply, we think we are so indifferent.

This rushed and sometimes meaningless communication disrupts our minds. Both at bedtime or after we wake up in the morning.

Third, because it makes a smartphone a sleeping companion. Smartphones sometimes we put on the bed or on a table near the bed. And with the reach of the hand, we also open the smartphone as soon as we wake up.
For the first and second reasons, we don't seem to want to be far from our cellphones. Wherever and wherever we are, smartphones must be close to us. Leave the HP 1 hour, the mind is so worried. And I want the apocalypse to feel like if HP is left behind while leaving for work.

Our physical closeness to smartphones makes it opium. Even we sometimes feel the vibration of notifications. Although in fact there is nothing at all on the smartphone.

Fourth, buying a data package means having to spend it. Internet access is a primary need for modern humans today. Whether it's in the form of data or subscription packages. We feel there is an obligation to spend this internet data package.
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