Putin and Khabib: When the Mouth of Islamophobia McGregor was Closed

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In the mid 60-70s there was a big mouth in hard sports, namely boxing, named Muhammad Ali. Besides being good at beating, he was able to talk about anything from boxing, politics, class struggle, to antiracialism. Everyone was stunned by his actions.

Moreover, Ali also boldly said the controversial sentence as 'The Greates', even though in his old age this jargon was then rectified by "The Greatest God". However, all the public understand and salute because their words and deeds, both in the ring and in social life, deserve to be exemplary.

The title was proven in the award to Ali by American sportsmen as one of the great sportsmen in this century. This attitude was then pinned when Ali, whose hands were trembling at the time, became the flame of the Olympic torch flame in Los Angeles.

Ali at that time did fascinate the times and the world. Every time Ali competes, in Indonesia the atmosphere is similar to a national holiday. Suddenly people appeared in line in front of a television screen of a rich neighbor or a public village television to watch it. Schoolchildren are also skipping. Cash flow is quiet.

Well, this time there is also a figure of a standard hit or fighter who claims to be like Muhammad Ali. His name is Conor McGregor (sometimes called Conor or McGregor). His name skyrocketed to be a fighter, but not boxing, but fighting freely. The behavior is the same as having a big mouth. The difference is that if Ali used to have a big mouth to raise the class struggle of the blacks, Conor instead spoke racially and acted ruthlessly. Ali looks elegant, Conor looks miserable. Ali never insulted religion and respected the beliefs of others, Conor with his mouth every time he would compete busy using the beliefs of others, even abusing women.

At some weighing events, Conor was clearly doing it all. Not only said, he often couldn't wait to hit his opponent. An example of Conor's most silliness is when he abuses black women by calling him an ape. At that time this attitude made his rival, the current heavyweight boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr., not accept. He was angry at the racist and barbaric behavior. And, the anger then ignited him by Conor's knockout in the arena of the actual boxing match.

So, after losing a knockout, Conor's pride dropped even though he had always claimed to be a matchless martial arts champion. Mayweather during the match was even seen teaching him boxing. The claim that Conor, a first-class champion, is just a figment. (See the video below when Conor MacGregor was knocked out by Floyd Mayweather).

And no different from the results of the match against Mayfeather, Conor was also battered. He was hit by a kick and blew it out. At the end of the match, Conor gave up on the Khabib. He looks exasperated and very tired.

But, the heat of the fight was not finished even though the referee had declared the Khabib to win the match. As soon as the match was stopped, his emotions peaked by running over the Octagon fence. Apparently, Khabib wanted to vent his irritation to Conor officials who continued to shout at him throughout the match.

In fact, at the same time, then a fan of Khabib suddenly jumped into the Octagon arena while hitting Conor's head in pain. So, the atmosphere of the match immediately turned hustle and bustle. Security forces are busy securing an uncontrollable atmosphere. Fortunately the Khabib quickly realized to immediately stop silliness. Even so, the impact remained with him, namely despite being declared victorious, the Khabib did not get the imposition of a champion belt.

The occurrence of this incident certainly immediately sparked controversy in the international mass media. Many parties regret the incident. However, many parties also understand the behavior of the Khabib because Conor's behavior and deeds have been extremely outrageous and only addressing savagery.

And sure enough, in contrast to Conor, Khabib was after the incident immediately apologized. When asked what caused him to be angry, Khabib said that he came from a matter of tension with Conor during the weighing event and the bus attack in April.

"Now, people talk about me jumping from the ring. I am also a human, how about he (Conor) talking about my religion, about the country, about my father. Moreover, he came to Brooklyn in April and damaged my bus (official). In fact, the result of his actions almost killed several people. So, how about this, "Khabib said.
Now, whatever the interpretation is, Khabib has now succeeded in preventing Conor from acting agitated and is not aware that his position is not the champion champion in the Octagon arena. Moreover, he is now only a challenger because his title as champion in the Octagon arena has not been held for two years. Khabib was able to prove that during the game Conor did not prove dangerous. He only posed a threat in the initial round. The rest, Conor was just like a confused vegetable chicken serving the Khabib attack.

In that battle, Conor was indeed locked up dead, especially when invited by the Khabib to fight in a battle floor (ground fighting). There Conor proved to be not as broad and powerful as the Bear had felt when practicing match.

For this success, the Russian President immediately called Khabib to congratulate him. He said, Putin had just contacted him, and said if he was proud of me. "He congratulated," Khabib was quoted as saying by News.com.au.

Well, whatever the incident seems obvious, Putin, who is also a fan of judo martial arts, must be proud. To him it is now shown again that there are people from Russia who can have high achievements in a country called to be an eternal competitor. In the era of the 1960s, Russia made a public splash in the United States with nuclear missiles installed in the Bay of Pigs, Cuba, now the new-age missiles have been renamed the Nurmagomedov Khabib. And, with the enthusiasm of the Dagestan people taking to the streets by marching to celebrate the victory of the Khabib, Putin paid homage to the Khabib as high as the sky.

As a result, for this victory, Khabib's name will clearly be more shiny in the Octagon battle arena. He sharpens his professional record to 27-0. And, for Conor who is from Ireland, this defeat gave a second big blow. The effect is that money, which is of course a 'flower' in every professional sporting event, will scatter to the Khabib. Some Conor supporters have indeed shouted a fight or revans. But, this has not received a response from Khabib.

"I compete to provide a valuable inheritance, not like you who compete for money," Khabib said when weighing and answering Conor's accusations about his motivation to compete.

So, this is what seems to be the reason why then the Khabib raged above the Octagon arena. And, this time again it was evident from the American public talk if Conor's mouth was only full of trash talks. Apparently, Conor was just a "Letoi" fighter and not a class of Muhammad Ali who could run dancing, like flying a butterfly and hitting hard like a bee sting.

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