Google will collect 40 US dollars from each cellphone and tablet

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Alphabet Inc. will charge up to 40 US dollars per cell phone (cellphone) or tablet device in order to use the Google-made application, Andorid. This fee policy is to comply with the rules in the European Union.

The latest policy from Google, reported by Reuters on Saturday (10/20), will take effect starting October 29 for Android phones and tablets launched in the European Economic Area.

Citing anonymous sources who understand this issue, the cost starts from 2.5 US dollars, depending on the country and the size of the device. This policy standard will apply to all brands, the majority is expected to cost around US $ 20.

These costs will be adjusted to Google applications installed on the device, including Google Play, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Search and Chrome. Google will also apply the concept of sharing with manufacturers for advertising revenue from Search and Chrome.

The European Commission in July accused Google of abusing market dominance in mobile software to force Android partners to install applications made by Google on the device.

Google appealed against a fine of 5 billion US dollars, the European Commission threatened to provide additional fines if Google did not stop the practice. This new system will open up opportunities for other software companies, such as Microsoft Corp., to expand their reach.

Qwant, one of Google's competitors from France, said they were satisfied with the steps the European Commission had to punish Google. This search engine manufacturer thinks consumers will have a choice.

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