Medan Floods Continued, This Is Said North Sumatra Governor Edy Rahmayadi

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North Sumatra Governor Edy Rahmayadi said he was still looking for solutions related to flooding that frequently hit the city of Medan and its surroundings recently. "Oh yes, we are still looking for a solution. What is the flood and what is the solution? How do we find out first," he said on the eighth floor of the Governor's Office on Tuesday (10/09/2018). Edy hopes that the problem of flooding will soon be resolved because many people have complained about this problem especially when it rains. "We will quickly resolve this problem," he said.

The ankle-high puddle on Friday (05/10/2018) made Edy and Deputy Governor Musa Rajeckshah unable to perform the Asr prayer in the Great Mosque. Initially, the roadway that connected the Governor's Office with the Great Mosque was only flooded with water over the ankles. However, when entering the Great Mosque's yard, the water increased to an adult's height. As a result, Edy and Moses could not pass through a pool of water to the Great Mosque. Both of them who wore flip-flops folded their pants until they were quiet and then monitored the condition of the puddle.

At that time, a puddle on the left side of the Governor's Office Building was pouring into the basement. As a result, the water in this parking area was flooded as high as thighs. Civil servants (PNS) who park their cars look busy issuing their vehicles.
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