Khabib Manager Call McGregor Not a Good Man

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Khabib Nurmagomedov's manager, Ali Abdelaziz, still seems angry with Conor McGregor's action before the match. He blamed the Irishman for the fight after the 229th lightweight Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, USA on Sunday (7/10). The Khabib attacked McGregor's coach who sat outside Octagon after making the opponent surrender.

"You cannot bite a dog and hope not to be bitten again," said Abdelaziz, quoted from USA Todayi, Monday (8/10). "You can't play with fire and hope you don't burn it again. This guy, Conor McGregor, isn't a good man. "

Even so, Abdelaziz admitted that the Khabib should not jump over the ring and teammate McGregor. But he also could not hide his frustration with McGregor's provocation which was somewhat out of date. Abdelaziz was once labeled a terrorist by McGregor at a press conference.

Instead of banning, McGregor's camp even joined in helping their fighters when they attacked the Khabib bus and his team in April. From Khabib's statement, several of his crew were also injured due to the incident. Abdelaziz insisted he felt enough with their actions, and there was no "respect" left for McGregor and his team

"I don't respect Conor McGregor," Abdelaziz said. "The team, the whole group, is zero. These people demand respect, which you don't get. How will you get respect when you talk crazy about family, religion and country? "

Pre-match provocation to bring down the opponent's mentality is indeed common in the UFC. But, he said, McGregor polluted him with a series of racist insults against the Khabib. According to Abdelaziz, provocation with racist elements for a UFC promotion was outrageous.

"Let's be realistic. The UFC promotes this fight with video. They don't promote this when they go to golf tournaments. They promote this as a fight," he said.

To date, the Nevada Sports Commission is still freezing fees for the victory of the Khabib. They will wait until the investigation of the incident is complete. UFC President Dana White said the Russian man was being investigated and could receive fines, suspensions or the possibility of losing his title if convicted.
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