Jokowi asks the hospital not to talk to the media about BPJS debt

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President Joko Widodo claimed to have deceived the Palace protocol so that it could be truly 'spoiled', checking the implementation of government programs in the health sector, to hospitals.

According to Jokowi, this happened several times, including during a working visit to Bandung, West Java, as well as Nabire, Papua.

"When I came to Bandung, I didn't say the protocol, I entered Hasan Sadikin Hospital, I want to check health services," said Jokowi, speaking at the opening of the Persi Congress (Indonesian Hospital Association) at the Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, Wednesday, October 17 2018.

Jokowi conveyed that the deliberation was deliberately carried out unplanned, and did not invite officials in the health sector such as the Minister of Health and the Managing Director of the Health Insurance Agency (BPJS) Health.

The former Governor of DKI did not want to just be given a presentation of data that often did not reflect the real conditions. Because of that, he wants to see directly

I want an original voice from below, so that the solution can be formulated immediately, "said Jokowi.

According to Jokowi, the thing he checked was primarily the service to the Healthy Indonesia Card holders (KIS), as well as the fulfillment of Health BPJS claims submitted by the hospital. Jokowi admitted that the hospital complaint he had visited until now was still uniform.

Hospital management feels burdened because operating costs are very swollen, while BPJS Health also has difficulty paying their claims.

"His voice is like this, 'Sir, our debt has not been paid tens of billions'. Understand me, so the president director of the hospital does not need to talk much in the media. I understand. Before you all convey, I understand," said Jokowi.
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