Hundreds of Residents in Tegal Support Declaration of Prabowo-Sandi

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About 500 people declared support for the Candidate Pair and Candidate Vice President (Cawapres) Prabowo-Sandi at the Mulya Damai Building, Mangkukusuman Village, East Tegal District, Tegal City, Friday, October 19, 2018. Hundreds of the mob came from Prabowo volunteers -Sandi (PaDi) Ex-Pekalongan Residency.

In his remarks, the Minister of Agriculture in the era of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), Suswono, said that the declaration departed from the desire to change conditions in Indonesia. "They volunteer voluntarily who want to change the condition of Indonesia," he said.

According to him, national leadership is one of the pillars for upholding the ideals of a just and prosperous society. "This is our chance for the Indonesian people to choose leaders. Therefore, use this opportunity well, don't get the wrong choice, "he said.

He invited the community to eliminate all doubts. He claims Prabowo Sandi is a figure who sincerely wants to fight for a just and prosperous Indonesia. "In various regions, PKS, Gerindra and PAN coalition and won the elections. Therefore, we from the PKS want to win the Prabowo-Sandi unanimously, "he said.

The coordinator of the Central Java Prabowo-Sandi (PaDi) Declaration of Volunteers, Sudirman Said revealed that the masses present here were purely initiatives from the community not because of mobilization. "Let us show the people of the former residency of Pekalongan and Indonesia that volunteers Prabowo Sandi, are polite volunteers who obey the laws and norms in order to achieve a dignified victory," he said.

He said, the declaration was the fourth PaDi declaration in Central Java. Sudirman also told PaDi that he was from a volunteer Sudirman Said-Idza Fauziah who metamorphosed. They are in Solo Raya, Kebumen, Kedu Raya, Purwokerto, and Banyumas. "Today is in Tegal or Pekalongan Raya. Next week in Semarang and Pati, so that 35 regencies / cities in Central Java will form Prabowo Sandi volunteers, "he said.

He is quite optimistic, this year's target will reach more than 60 percent. The reason is because the figure of Prabowo Sandi is better known and familiar. "At the time of the 2018 elections, we experienced many obstacles being suppressed by survey institutions. (However) managed to get 41 percent of the votes, "he said.

According to Sudirman, the current economic conditions are still very sluggish. Therefore, we need to make improvements and help. We need to develop the economy with the people's economy. He advised the volunteers to act politely and communicate the program, namely price stabilization, as much work as possible. "Once you enter the village, look for a polling station and make sure to capture voters to win general elections.
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