Horrified, Anal Cancer Increases Among Homosexual Actors

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Homosexual behavior is not only related to mental illness. Neuroscientists find the fact that the rate of anal cancer or anal cancer is increasing which affects homosexuals.

"I found that anal cancer used to be very rare. But in the 2015 study, there was an increase in anal cancer from one to three percent, "neuroscientist Ihsan Gumilar told Kiblat.net, Thursday (04/28).

Ihsan, who is also a civilized Indonesian movement activist, explained that anal cancer was found in 70-80 percent of cases related to rectum. This disease is most commonly found in developing countries. Of the cases found, this disease is most common in homosexual couples.

"Because they do (sexual relations) not where they should be, this causes anal cancer," said the lecturer of Psychology at Bina Nusantara University (Binus).

The fact of anal cancer that afflicts those who like this has denied their campaign which always carries human rights. According to Ihsan, human rights that are rumored by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) groups are limited to the rights of others who have the potential to be infected.

"Remember there are many people who want to live mentally healthy and they have the right to live a healthy life," he said.

Ihsan described if currently LGBT infects a maximum of 5 million people, then 250 million Indonesians are potentially infected. So he thinks it's better to stop 5 million LGBT people so that others can stay healthy. According to him, he must consider his greater standard.

"Or vice versa we leave 5 million in the name of human rights, so that the spread of malignant diseases such as HIV and anal cancer," he added.

Therefore the GIB encourages the establishment of an anti LGBT law. It is considered to be a way to stop the spread of infectious diseases that affect homosexuality.

"Human rights to be healthy are important, therefore human rights are reviewed and restricted from the human rights of others. So statistically, people will prioritize human rights of 250 million people who want to be healthy, rather than the human rights of someone who is incited by LGBT activists, "said Ihsan.
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