His fiancee is revealed, Khashoggi does not leave the Saudi Consul

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The fiance of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi, namely Hatice Cengiz, claimed to experience tremendous fear at this time. The fear was not only triggered because he still did not know the condition and whereabouts of Khashoggi, but also about the allegation that his lover had been killed at the Saudi consulate general's building in Istanbul, Turkey, on 2 October.

"I experienced a great fear that I had never experienced before in my life," he said during an exclusive interview with Anadolu Agency.

Cengiz tried to retell what he had experienced before Khashoggi disappeared. According to him, before October 2, he and Khashoggi had visited the Saudi consulate building in Istanbul on September 28. His arrival there was to take care of the required documents related to his wedding plan.

When first visiting the Saudi consulate building in Istanbul, Khashoggi was really well served by the staff. "They (the Saudi consulate staff in Istanbul) host him (Khashoggi) well at the consulate and congratulate him because we will get married," Cengiz said.

Based on the story that Cengiz obtained from Khashoggi, there was absolutely no response or negative response from the consulate staff. They even stated they were ready to help him prepare the documents needed.

But during a visit on September 28, Khashoggi decided to leave the consulate building because the documents he needed were not yet ready after he waited for about an hour. Khashoggi did have to travel to London, England, that day.

Before saying goodbye and left the consulate building, he told the staff at the consulate that he would return again on October 2. They promised Khashoggi that the documents he needed would be ready when he visited again.

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