Guarding the Peace Campaign in Indonesia 2018

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I don't know why the election and pileg campaign period is too long? For almost seven months (24 September 2018-13 April 2019), the entire nation was preoccupied with political contestation between parties, both in the face of the presidential election and in fighting for the legislative election.

Whether in the future, the power struggle will be shortened, say for three months, so that people's energy can be used for productive work, when the social inequality of the Indonesian people still feels sharp. Is the atmosphere of months of contestation not boring, besides draining energy and funds?

Even though the voice of the Pledge of the Peace Campaign on September 23, 2018 which morally should bind the behavior of all political parties, I still doubt whether in reality it will be obeyed. The pledges that contain the three points are all sweet and ideal: (1) Realizing direct, general, free, confidential, honest and fair elections. (2) Carry out election campaigns that are safe, orderly, peaceful, with integrity, without hoax, and politicization of racial intolerance and money politics. (3) Carry out campaigns based on the prevailing laws and regulations.

If this very good pledge is carried out 75 percent is already a democratic achievement to be proud of. In this regard, the central role of the KPU, Bawaslu, the media, community leaders, state tools as guardians of peaceful campaigns is decisive, especially the KPU and Bawaslu from the central to remote levels.

If there are still KPU and Bawaslu members who do not obey the rules, such as being partisan, I suggest that they be fired immediately for violating the oath of office. Then, I remind the KPU and Bawaslu of chronic social diseases that need to be carefully observed among the nation's children who claim to be religious: "As easy as vowing, it is as easy as betraying it, without looking at the feeling of sin."

The community leaders as supporters of their chosen candidates would certainly be able to side with them, but they must maintain and mainstream the safe and peaceful conditions that have been formally agreed upon. Otherwise, dignity as a public role model will automatically be eroded.

In point two above, there is an expression "without hoax and politicization of SARA and money politics" which must be avoided. This point is very difficult to implement at the time of the world of social media (social media) which has been moving and operating almost without ethics, without morality.

Speeches of hatred and fierce and violent words are weapons used to paralyze political opponents. Social media tools in the hands of a human being are truly effective in doing anything, including even the darkest actions.

In the era of post-truth politics at the global, regional, national level, and even in rural areas, courtesy and courtesy have increasingly been marginalized, destroyed by falsehood in the robe of truth.

Religion which should be the highest source of moral and ethics in the present era has almost run out of power and energy, because some of its adherents have metamorphosed into: "political animals."
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