Google will Withdraw Pay from Cellphone Manufacturers

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Quoting Reuters on Tuesday (10/16), cellphone manufacturers circulating in Europe such as Samsung and Huawei have to pay a fee to access the Google Play Store. Instead, they don't have to install applications like Google Search and Google Chrome.

This new policy from Google will provide flexibility for manufacturers of Android-based mobile phones to install browsers from Google competitors, such as Microsoft, Opera and Mozilla.

The European Commission in July fined 5 billion dollars to Google for utilizing their dominance in the mobile software to block competitors. Google appealed the decision, but for now they must comply with the applicable rules.

This new Google scheme will be implemented starting October 29 in the European Economic Area, covering 28 European Union countries including Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

The European Commission submits to Google how they follow the decisions taken in July and will continue to monitor the policies they take. If you do not comply with these rules, Europe will provide additional fines.

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