Google+ Terminated After 500 Thousand Users Data Leaks

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Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc., announced that it would install its social network service Google+. The company will tighten the rules for sharing data, after acknowledging that at least 500 thousand personal data of its users may be used by outsiders.

This problem was discovered and was corrected last March as part of how Google shares data with other applications, according to a Google statement in a post on their blog.

And the study found no application developers who made use of existing data. The Wall Street Journal economic daily reported earlier that Google had decided not to inform the authorities of the matter, according to a memo sent to the company's senior staff.

Google is concerned that if they convey this it will get the same attention as Facebook, where the data is used by Cambridge Analytica companies. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Executive Director Sundar Pichai has received a report on the issue.

Google refused to comment further. Google+ was launched for the first time in 2011, because Google is increasingly worried about the competition to find advertisements from Facebook.

Facebook when it already has the ability to show the data advertisers about what is shared by users, what they like and other online activities.

Google+ imitates Facebook in terms of status updates, news feeds, and allows account owners to group friends by calling it "circles" (circles).

But Google+ and other experiments carried out by the company regarding social media did not succeed in getting many users, due to various problems faced.

Google+ has around 2 billion accounts worldwide, but only 400 million are active, and most use business accounts.

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