Gerindra did not expect Ratna Sarumpaet to lie Prabowo

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Deputy Secretary General of the Gerindra Party Andre Rosiade deplored the attitude of women activists, Ratna Sarumpaet, who had lied to his party, including presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto (Prabowo). According to him, his party did not think that the person could bear a false story related to the persecution case which turned out to be a hoax.

"We don't really think, Prabowo is a person who has good prejudice to everyone, with Mbak Ratna, listening to information that there is a 70-year-old parent who was a victim of violence, then he met to hear the story himself," Andre explained in a sad tone when contacted via telephone, Wednesday (3/10).

Moreover, continued Andre, the story built by Ratna Sarumpaet was very sad and of course Prabowo as a former soldier was also concerned. Because, one of the soldier's clauses is to defend women and children. So, it is not surprising that Prabowo was touched by his heart and finally appeared to defend Ratna.

"But, that's the kindness of Prabowo who always has good prejudice turned out to be used by people. So, Pak Prabowo's kindness, it turns out that is his weakness," Andre explained.

Andre said, after Prabowo heard the story from Ratna, immediately asked the police to intervene. In fact, Prabowo also defended him sincerely because he heard of persecution.

Unfortunately, the story conveyed by Ratna to the Gerindra Party Chairperson as well as some of the figures present, one of them is Amien Rais, is a hoax narrative.

"What do you want to do again. The fact is like that, so basically Pak Prabowo has a good prejudice with Mbak Ratna, Pak Prabowo defended Mbak Ratna, defended sincerely because he heard there was persecution, it turns out that the hoaks narrative is out of our control," he complained.

Andre continued, not only was Prabowo's good prejudice reciprocated with an unpleasant attitude. Andre said, Prabowo was also prejudiced against Joko Widodo who is now his opponent in the 2019 Presidential Election, and also to the former Jakarta governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok), but instead stabbed Prabowo.

"Once again this is outside our control, it turns out Mbak Ratna is building a story of lies," he added.

Then, regarding the motive of Ratna Sarumpaet to deceive her party, especially to the public, Andre admitted that he did not know it yet. According to Andre, it is still a deepening process of why Ratna lied.

"He just apologized, be patient. We are also confused whether Mbak Ratna was being lobbied by people to lie or we don't know yet. It is beyond our control, not only Mr. Prabowo, Mr. Amien is also deceived," Andre said.

Previously, Ratna admitted, she had not experienced persecution like the news circulating. Ratna admitted, bruising on her face was not because of being beaten up, but purely due to plastic surgery.

He created lies to give reasons to his son who asked about his bruised face. Ratna hoped that what she conveyed could refute the news that said if she was a victim of persecution.

"Yes, I was at the doctor that day, and when I was scheduled to go home, bruises on my face were still there. I came home to need an excuse for my child and I was answered," Ratna said during a press conference with the media.
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