Garut Regency Government Continues to Track LGBT Activities

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A number of people from Garut Regency, West Java, have asked the regional government to take action against lesbian, gay, bisex and transgender (LGBT) groups in the region. The reason, because now the group began blatantly on social media.

One of the things that is troubling is the presence of gay groups in social media (social media). Seeing this fact, the Garut Regent, Rudy Gunawan had ordered the Military District Commander (Dandim) of Garut to carry out tracking related to the findings. "We will take various preventive measures. Therefore, we will also gather all junior and senior high school principals to discuss this issue, "Rudy said, Tuesday (10/10).

In addition, he continued, to conduct guidance to students, the Garut Regency Government will also form a special team. To be more optimal, this team also involves the teacher of counseling guidance and will be led by the Deputy Regent of Garut.

Rudy also claimed to have received information that in Garut there were also many lesbi women. "There are thousands in number. "Most women are dating women from several other cities like Bandung," he said.

According to the information he obtained, the majority of Garut women were girlfriends. While women from Bandung are women who are male partners in lesbi relations. Seeing this fact, he also hopes that all stakeholders can jointly play a role in suppressing the spread of LGBT.
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