Gamal Albinsaid figure, replacing Ratna Sarumpaet in Prabowo Timess

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Gamal Albinsaid entered the Prabowo-Sandiaga Timess and occupied a position that had been occupied by Ratna Sarumpaet. Having been praised by world leaders, this is the figure of a Malang doctor who founded the waste insurance.

Gamal is a graduate of the Medical Faculty of Brawijaya University, Malang, East Java. At a young age, he made innovations in the form of 'junk' insurance. In contrast to most health insurance that pegs exorbitant premiums, Gamal wants to make it easy for people with lower economic status to be able to access.

"I thought to make 'garbage insurance', it was social micro insurance where the participants only had to pay in rubbish. Everybody's rubbish would have it and it would only be paid every Saturday," Gamal said when sharing an inspirational story with AFP on Saturday ( 6/27/2015 ago.

The majority of participants in this program are underprivileged people who do not even have permanent jobs. They then deposit waste as insurance premiums. Not only that, even Gamal and his friends often pick up garbage collected at the insurance participant's house. According to him, someone who is seriously ill and is outpatient at home may not be able to walk to the clinic.

Thanks to the clinic called Indonesia Medika, Gamal was rewarded with a series of international awards. The awards include among others Prince Charles in England, People Choice Award in California-US, People Choice Award from the Australian Agency for International Development, and many more.

When he received the 2014 HRH The Prince of Wales Young Sustainability Entrepreneurship First Winner award, Gamal met directly with Prince Charles. Not only that, Gamal also met Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The meeting took place when Gamal attended as well as a speaker and gave inspiration to 25,000 participants from 150 countries, at the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi Russia, 15 October 2017 ago. In front of Putin, Gamal recounted the course of his studies to finally make a garbage insurance clinic. Then what does Putin say?

"You deal with one of the most important and noblest problems, with clear results. This is a special mission, not just a profession. This is why I have great respect for doctors. Apart from humanitarian aspects, health has gained economic aspects in the modern world. People with problems health feels much more difficult to master the knowledge needed to develop a modern economy, and they feel much more difficult to work efficiently, "Putin said, as quoted by Gamal, Tuesday (10/24/2017)

From the waste insurance clinic, Gamal Albinsaid developed its wings to become a motivator. Now, the latest news comes when Gamal enters the Prabowo-Sandiaga National Winning Agency (BPN) after Ratna Sarumpaet was fired.

"The entry of Gamal Albinsaid doctor, I hope to bring about change, bringing a millennial renewal locomotive. He (Gamal) minelial child, has received an award from the BBC and can be an inspiration for other young people," Sandiaga said after Friday prayers at Al Muttaqien Mosque, Jl Paru Paru Hospital, Sunter, North Jakarta, Friday (05/10/2018).

"Can replace the role of Mrs. Ratna as a social activist," he added.

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