G20: Trade War Must Be Resolved by the State Involved

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The G20 has completed the Meeting of the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank in Nusa Dua, Bali, Friday (12/10/2018). The meeting discussed, among others, the latest economic conditions. 

"We are discussing the outlook for the global economy which remains positive, while the projected (global) economic growth remains stable," Argentine Finance Minister Nicolas Dujovne said at a press briefing at the 2018 World Bank IMF-2018 Annual Meeting. by Argentina.
Meanwhile, leadership in 2019 will be handed over to Japan. Even so, Dujovne added, the talks of finance ministers and central bank governors also later discussed the risks of a decline in economic growth. This is due to the emergence of a number of risks. One of them is talks about increasing trade tensions between the US and China. Both countries are G20 members. 

Regarding this matter, Dujovne said, the G20 fully understands that there are currently conditions of increasing trade tension among G20 member countries. However, the tension, according to Dujovne, must be resolved by the G20 member countries involved. "Of course the differences must be solved by the members involved in the trade tension," said Dujovne. According to him, the G20 agreed that international trade is an important growth engine. "We must resolve tensions that can negatively affect market sentiment and increase financial volatility," explained Dujovne.
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