Foreign Organizations Are Prohibited from Directly Plunging into Disaster Areas

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The National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) asserted, non-government organizations (NGOs) from abroad to not go directly to the disaster site. Foreign organizations that want to help deal with the impact of the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Donggala and Palu must use local partners.

"Foreign mass organizations or international NGOs are not permitted to go directly to areas affected by the earthquake," BNPB Head of Information Data and Public Relations Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said at a press conference in Jakarta on Saturday (6/10).

Sutopo explained, for international NGOs who had already sent foreign nationals to the earthquake affected areas, it was suggested to immediately withdraw their members. Whereas for organizations that have already purchased or prepared materials and material assistance for Indonesia, they must be registered as ministry and agency partners in Indonesia.

All forms of assistance other than foreigners must register as partner institutions in Indonesia. "Foreign organizations that have not been registered with the ministry of institutions must immediately register with BNPB for distribution in the field," he said.

As for foreign organizations that have been registered as partners, they can send assistance through the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) with the assistance of the ministry ministries that are partners of the organization. Supervision, said Sutopo, needs to be done so that the delivery of aid to Indonesia can be carried out in an orderly manner.

"Meanwhile, all foreign aid entering through the city of Makassar and Balikpapan is coordinated by BNPB," continued Sutopo.

As is known, the government decided to open the door for foreign parties who want to provide assistance. However, limited assistance can be provided according to Indonesia's needs. In addition, assistance is intergovernmental or G to G so that assistance given in the name of the country.

Until the handling of the disaster on the eighth day, incoming foreign aid was in the form of financial, aircraft, and equipment in the evacuation. Especially for financial assistance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that the total commitment to be given to Indonesia reached Rp 220 billion. Around 50 percent of the assistance has been received by BNPB and directly distributed for handling disaster victims.
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