Brigadier General (Ret.) Wenny Warouw Revealed the Strange Bullet Strike

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Members of the Gerindra Party Faction Brigadier General (Ret.) Wenny Warouw suspected there were irregularities in the shooting of stray bullets in the Parliament building targeting his room on the 16th Floor, Parliament Complex Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (15/10). He claimed to have checked directly into the Senayan Shooting Field the day after.

"From the reaction shooting field, it doesn't look at all. There are dikes about two meters long, there are five-meter steel zinc, there are trees, how come bullets can penetrate?" said Wenny Warouw, who had been Bali's Deputy Chief of Police in the early 2000s, Wednesday (10/17).

Wenny's suspicions increased when she learned the perpetrator of the shooting was a civil servant (PNS) of the Ministry of Transportation. According to him, it is strange if a civil servant practices shooting during working hours.

"You are going to the Minister of Transportation now, asking why is the shooting hours working? Is that so, and they have Perbakin certification, why don't they say Perbakin?" he said.

The member of Commission III asked the investigator to conduct ballistic tests in the field and not to do it in the reconstruction room. In addition, he also asked to examine the perpetrators from where they both came from.

To note, the shooting of Wenny's office occurred on Monday (15/10). In addition to Wenny's room, the work space of Golkar Party politician Bambang Heri Purnama was also subjected to stray bullets located on the 13th floor, Nusantara I Building.

On this day, the police have set the IAW and RMY as suspects in stray bullets in the Indonesian Parliament building. The police also dismissed the intentional element of the incident.

"We dismissed that the incident was intentional, then there were people who wanted to create chaos, it was not like that," Jakarta Metropolitan Police Director General Kombes Nico Afinta said at Metro Jaya Police Headquarters, Tuesday (10/16).

Nico said, the incident was purely negligence from the perpetrators. The perpetrator was shocked when shooting so he pointed his weapon up and about the Indonesian Parliament building which was 253 meters from the Senayan Shooting Field.

Furthermore, said Nico, investigators will re-investigate the case. Including deepening how the suspect's procedure gets Glock 17 weapons that have been modified.

As is known, the weapon belongs to his friend initials A and G. The police will also ask for information from A and G.

In addition, the police also requested information from Perbakin employees who were in the field at the time of the incident. The two employees accompanied the IAW and RMY at the time of the incident.

For information, on October 15, 2018, the House of Representatives was shocked by gunshots and bullets that managed to penetrate the building's glass. Hearing the incident, the police immediately checked.

The results of the examination found that bullets lodged in the walls of the DPR building came from the Senayan Shooting Field. The police rushed to find out who the shooters were.

At the time of the incident, the police got an IAW and RMY at the Senayan Shooting Field. The police immediately secured both of them and conducted an inspection until they were later named as suspects.

However, confirmed by Nico, the suspect did not have any element of deliberate action by the suspect. The event was purely negligent and without intentional elements.

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