BMKG has installed sirens in 18 provinces prone to tsunamis

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The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) manages 52 sirens in tsunami-prone areas throughout Indonesia. The siren or remote terminal unit (RTU) is in 18 provinces prone to tsunami.

The distribution of tsunami sirens is in the Province in Aceh 8 units, West Sumatra 6 units, North Sumatra 2 units, Bengkulu 2 units, Lampung 2 units, Gorontalo 2 units, North Sulawesi 2 units, Central Sulawesi 1 unit, Papua 1 unit, West Papua 1 unit, Maluku 1 unit, East Nusa Tenggara 1 unit, Bali 9 units, East Java 4 units, DI Yogyakarta 2 units, Central Java 2 units, Banten 3 units and West Java 2 units.

"Tsunami sirens were installed in locations where there had been a disaster, in Kwandang, North Gorontalo District, there was an earthquake and tsunami in 2008," said Indar Adi Waluyo, Head of Gorontalo BMKG, Saturday (10/13).

In addition to BMKG requirements, sirens are also needed for the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB). The siren is one of the supporting devices in the early warning of a tsunami coming in the area.

"The best early warning is yourself. If it is close to the beach and there is a big earthquake, immediately run away from the beach to a high place. There is no need to wait for the tsunami siren to sound just running, because there could be many technical obstacles on the ground, "said Indar Adi Waluyo.

In Gorontalo, two units of tsunami sirens have been installed since 2009, the sirens are found in the parking lot of the Bele li Mbui building in Gorontalo City, and in Moluo Village, Kwandang District, North Gorontalo District.

"We hope the local government can install this tsunami siren, do not have to expect BMKG. Some sirens installed in Yogya, Bali and West Sumatra are not expensive, "said Indar Adi Waluyo. Every 26th of each month, the siren is sounded as a siren test in collaboration with the local government.

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