Bench, clothes, up to plane debris in the sea

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The joint team is still conducting sweeping at the site of the alleged fall of the Lion Air JT-610 aircraft, precisely around the waters of Tanjung Karawang, north of Java. Sweeping results found a number of debris or pieces of plane parts and pieces of the human body.

The sweep was carried out with one of the five vessels of the Directorate of Polairud, namely the Kutilang Ship, which started from the Headquarters of the Directorate of Polairud, Priok, North Jakarta.

The Kutilang ship became like a temporary command post for the small ship Polair which was involved in the search. Arriving in the waters of Karawang, the trip must be continued with a small boat to facilitate maneuvering among other ships conducting sweeping.

White foam starts to appear on the blue surface of Karawang waters. The foam looks like a thin plastic layer, floating on the surface.

Arriving at the location of the alleged crash of the plane, at around 4:00 p.m., Monday (10/29), personnel from various elements of the Indonesian National Police, TNI, and SAR were working together to conduct a search. Cries of personnel from ship to ship mutually shouted.

Julianto said, also found a number of objects and body pieces collected at the Basudewa Ship belonging to Basarnas. Around the object, the stinging smell immediately pierced the nose. Looks like clothes, passenger seat pieces, aircraft properties, and a number of body parts.

The body and property cuts, according to Jakarta Made Oka's SAR Office Operations Chief, were found on the surface of sea water. Made explained, sweeping was carried out by diving by special personnel until 17.00 WIB. In the evening towards night, the search is carried out with a sonar system.

"We are looking forward, by diving," Made said at the location, Monday (10/29).

Made said, since morning around 8:40 a.m., four SAR ships were on standby. One ship, namely Asa Jaya stated as a witness who saw the fall of the ship within a radius of 1 nautical mile. The team also conducted a search, joined the team of the Department of Transportation, the Indonesian Navy, the National Police Police who arrived.

Until Monday at 16.00 West Indonesia Time, body parts found were inserted in body bags. "We put it together on a SAR boat, we take it to the main command post in Tanjung Priok, five body bags have been taken," said Made Oka.

West Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Agung Budi, who was also at the scene, said that his side had lowered the weight of the six ships that were directly synergizing with the ships from the National Police Headquarters, National Police Agency, TNI and other elements. Agung said, all parties had agreed, each finding would be collected on the Basarnas ship.

"It was agreed that if there was a finding of goods or victims to Tanjung Priok, then if the body or body were continued to the Police Hospital to be identified," Agung explained.
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