Appearing With Blotchy Eyes, McGregor Finally Speak Up

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Irish UFC fighter, Conor McGregor, finally emerged since his defeat from Chief Nurmagomedov in the fight for the UFC 229 lightweight world title in Las Vegas, United States, Saturday (6/10) evening local time. With his left eye bruised, McGregor sent a message to Khabib that the war was not over.

After 36 hours since the fight on Sunday (7/10) afternoon at 13.00 WIB, McGregor finally appeared through his Twitter account @TheNotoriousMMA. "McGregor showed his face for the first time since the fight," said an report on Monday (8/10).

McGregor posted a photo of himself with his left eye looking black. The 30-year-old fighter who has the nickname 'The Notorious' was seen leaning on a fence while holding a drink.

In the post, McGregor also sent a message to Khabib. "We lost the match, but we won the battle," McGregor wrote. "The war continues."

Khabib's attack on Dillon Danis - the coach of his opponent Colin McGregor - became a byword. Three people from the Khabib camp were even arrested for the mass fight, before finally being released on Sunday (7/10).

Khabib's father and coach, Abdulmanap, deplored his son's behavior. Because, the action of the Khabib could be harmful to children, women, or people around it.

Previously he had also warned Khabib that Oktagon, the arena of two fighters dueling, should be a peaceful place from the riots. However, Abdulmanap cannot blame Khabib completely.

"He (McGregor) insulted our family, values ​​and religion," Abdulmanap said, quoted by the Daily Star, Monday (8/10).

Abdulmanap also blamed coach McGregor for provoking Khabib. "A coach from McGregor's team is constantly posting photos of Khabib with wine, drinking it, and pouring it. He put the Khabib in this position, "he said.

The Khabib was given a message by his father to avoid a dispute with McGregor's camp and only focus on his opponent. But when he managed to subdue the Irish man, Khabib accidentally looked at coach McGregor who began to insult him. The incident occurred.

According to Abdulmanap, that was really outrageous. He said, after talking rubbish before the fight, in the end even the opponent's camp continued to do the same.

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