Apologize for Ratna's Case, Prabowo: I am Responsible

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Presidential Candidate number 2 Prabowo Subianto apologized to all parties, related to the lies committed by Ratna Sarumpaet, in the case of alleged persecution. Prabowo handed over Ratna Sarumpaet's problem to the authorities.

"Look, we think positively. I am grateful that this has not happened and I am in front of the Indonesian people. I apologize. But I do not feel guilty, if I am a bit grumpy (hurry), the name will only be learned by my team. How many months, but there is no reason, if wrong, it is still wrong, "Prabowo said at a press conference at his home on Jalan Kertanegara IV, South Jakarta, Wednesday (3/10) night.

His apology was based on the actions of Ratna Sarumpaet who claimed to be lying, where Prabowo's capacity as Chair of the Gerindra Party's Board of Trustees. The National Winning Body is ready to install bodies for its subordinates.

"Yes, I am the leader, I will be responsible," said the presidential candidate carried by the Gerindra Party, the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), the National Mandate Party (PAN) and the Democrats.

Prabowo made an apology to the public on his personal behalf and as the leader of the Indonesian Coalition Coalition Adil Makmur (KIAM), because he had voiced something that was not yet believed to be true. On that occasion, the Gerindra Party Chairperson also said that Ratna Sarumpaet's position as National Campaigner had been revoked.

"I would like to emphasize, first, that I have asked Mrs. Ratna Sarumpaet to resign from the winning body and that she has done that, there is already a letter," he said.

Regarding the legal process, Prabowo also made a firm decision. He handed Ratna's problem to the authorities. "We also cannot tolerate false news, therefore we are firm if there is a team that lies we will act and we will even ask the authorities to take action in accordance with the law," Prabowo said
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