After the Earthquake West Lombok Residents Stricken with Malaria

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West Lombok Regent (Lobar) Fauzan Khalid was considering the determination of the status of extraordinary events (KLB) related to malaria outbreaks that hit a number of areas affected by the earthquake in Lobar.

"Earlier the Head of the Health Service (Lobar) reported that there were 104 people who were positive for malaria, there were babies and pregnant women too," Fauzan told in Lobar, NTB on Sunday (9/9).

Lobar Regency Government, he said, has two options in handling malaria outbreaks. The first option determines the status of KLB, and the second option is not with the KLB status. Both options are currently being reviewed before the results are announced.

Fauzan said, based on the Minister of Health Regulation, malaria conditions in Lobar could actually be categorized as outbreaks. Because, in terms of residents affected by malaria, it has doubled more than in the same month last year.

"The parameter (KLB) is one of them, double that of the same year and month last year. We (Lobar) have more than doubled," said Fauzan.

He explained, the determination of KLB status would make handling more optimal. He took the example, if one village had 700 inhabitants, then all of them had to check their health.

"The consequences are in the budget, meaning that the budget can be used for that and that is usually from the (government) province, so the province must fulfill all of its needs," he said.

The point is, Lobar Regency Government, said Fauzan, is conducting a study before deciding the problem of malaria outbreaks. anything. I give the deadline to this day (to the relevant staff to decide the status of KLB), "he added.

Previously, the Head of Lobar Health Office, Rahman Sahnan Putra said that the malaria outbreak that hit the refugees in West Lombok Regency (Lobar) was expanding. Since the discovery of four cases in Bukit Tinggi Village, Gunungsari District, the number of victims has spread to other villages in the same sub-district.

"There were 32 victims detected with malaria in only one work area of ​​the Penimbung Health Center," Rahman said in Lobar, NTB, Friday (7/9).

He said, the outbreak was increasingly widespread. According to records from the Lobar Health Office, there have been 103 people positive for malaria with the spread reaching 28 hamlets, 10 villages, and four Puskesmas work areas. Of these, five people were forced to be hospitalized because they were already severe.

"By looking at the number of people who suffer from malaria, even regarding pregnant women and babies, this condition has already been out break (KLB)," Rahman said.

He considered, raising the status to KLB was not a problem. According to him the issue of regional image is not greater than the effort to save refugees. "It's about human life," he said.

Rahman claimed to have reported the incident for a long time to the Ministry of Health's Crisis Center, but had not received a response. "If the Directorate General already exists," Rahman said, referring to the Directorate General of P2P and Public Health who had and would deploy his team at Lobar.

In addition to the directorate, Rahman claimed to have received support from the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB). BNPB helped by providing 135 mosquito nets, but still very lacking. From the mapping made, at least they need 10,000 mosquito nets to help the refugees.
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