Why is Fery Mursyidan Supporting Prabowo-Sandi ?

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The former minister of the Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning / Head of the National Land Agency in the Working Cabinet of President Joko Widodo was now anchored and supported the nomination of Prabowo-Sandiaga Uno. The choice of political affiliation, he said, had been thought of in advance.

"I am not a minister, for two years I just stayed silent without issuing any statements or maneuvers. Now, when there was a development in Prabowo's deception, my friends were invited by friends to come in. And I am also willing, '' said Ferry Mursyidan Baldan, in Jakarta, (30/8).

Ferry said the choice he made was considered mature. And this is done not done on the basis of heartache or self-disappointment. This is done for the sake of politics and common sense.

"I chose the Prabowo-Sandi pair because I think that through this pair there is a political and regenerative change in Indonesia. I have considered everything carefully. This pair is suitable to welcome the political regimes of Indonesian youth," said Ferry, who is also the former chairman of the Islamic Student Association (HMI ) that.

Touching on his position in the Democratic National Party, Ferry said that he had been inactive for a long time. And he is no longer a member of the party anymore. "When there is party verification to participate in the 2019 Election I have not become a member or a member."

Previously, from the stronghold of Joko Widodo-KH Ma'ruf received the support of former West Java governor candidate, Dedy Mizwar. Whereas in the past Dedy Mizwar in the elections of West Java Governor 2018 received support from the Democratic Party which now supports Prabowo Sandi's partner.

According to Deputy Chair of the Indonesian Work Coalition (KIK) Arsul Sani revealed that Demiz's appointment was more to create a cooler 2019 election. "We prioritize the role of Kang Demiz as spokesman, primarily to create public communication related to the presidential election contest which is cooler, which is more cool, not provocative. Well, that's what we chose Kang Demiz," Arsul said at Media Center KIK, Menteng. , Jakarta, Tuesday (28/8).

According to Arsul, Deddy Mizwar's invitation to help Jokowi-Ma'ruf win was not done suddenly. Arsul said that coalition parties had been communicating for a long time with Deddy Mizwar.
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