Want Six Pack Stomach in 30 Minutes, It's the Easy Way

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Having an ideal body with a six pack stomach is certainly the dream of many men. Many of them are willing to spend months going to the gym and doing sports to form a flat and ideal stomach.

Even so, not infrequently also still have difficulty getting a six pack stomach despite doing sports and gym. But, now there is an easy way to get a six pack stomach in 30 minutes, even without the need for exercise.

"So there is now an Emsculpt, a non-invasive way to shape the body," said Dr. Danu Mahandaru, Sp BP-RE, from The Clinic Beautylosophy Cipete, in his statement to VIVA, Monday, September 17, 2018.

This results in muscle formation and fat burning and produces a six pack stomach instantly.

"This treatment can give you results that are equivalent to 20,000 sit ups. This can also be for women who want to tighten their buttocks," said Danu.

But he explained, that the results obtained depend on body shape before treatment. For those who already have a slim body and just want to form a six pack stomach, just do treatment for one to two times. Whereas for those who have a slightly large stomach, need treatment as much as two to four times.

"It will be more optimal if after that it is also balanced with exercise and maintaining diet," said Danu.
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