Ustaz Abdul Somad Serukan Jangan Golput

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Ustaz Abdul Somad continued his missionary safari in West Papua. This evening he plans to give tausiyah to Muslims who are in Sorong, after preaching to the Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua.

"Today he is in Sorong City. Yesterday in Raja Ampat, Well, when he gave tusiyah at the Raja Ampat Police Station last night, Ustadz Abdul Somad invited Muslims in West Papua to not be abstent from voting or not to vote. Because if people who believe and fear do not vote, those who will vote and be elected later are bad people or behave badly, "said a member of the MUI and Chair of the West Papua Muhammadiyah Region, DR Mulyadi Djaya, in Sorong on Sunday (9/23).

Mulyadi, who is currently accompanying UAS in Sorong, said that besides that the UAS last night also gave advice so that voters acted vigilantly and carefully before dropping their choice in the General Election in April 2019. He said, if a person who is not selective in the end can be chosen as a drunkard and drugs.

"Even good people are not elected," he asserted in front of thousands of ummah who packed the courtyard of the Raja Ampat Regional police station on Saturday (9/22) night, reminding Muslims to open their eyes, clear hearts and healthy reason to choose the best leader. .

Touching on the entry of the election campaign period, Mulyadi said, UAS emphasized that he remained a neutral preacher and was in the middle. So, he stated that now he was invited to take pictures with the congregation, so he would avoid holding one or two fingers.

"Later there will be those who are offended. I will raise my hand like this, "he explained Mulyadi while imitating the way UAS raised the five fingers.

Meanwhile, Raja Ampat Police Chief Edi Setiyanto invited all the people in his area to maintain the security and order during the election. In addition, it still maintains the nation's unity and integrity.

During their stay in the city of Waisai Raja Ampat UAS gave a spiritual splash in three places. On Saturday afternoon this afternoon at the Great Mosque yard, at night at the Polres ceremony grounds, and finally after morning prayers at the Great Raja Ampat mosque.

"Muslims in Raja Ampat are very satisfied with the lecture material from UAS. This can be seen from the full field and inside the mosque, no one moved from his seat during the lecture. Tonight UAS will be held in the field of the Mako Armada III of the Navy. While tomorrow is dawn in the Great Mosque of Al-Akbar in Sorong City, '' he said.
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