Ulama, Pesantren and Political Relations

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In the lead up to the presidential election, two candidates intensified their program socialization to the community. The formation of the winning team adds to the warmth of the 2019 Election. Tagar War adds to political dynamics.

No exception, fighting over the votes of the Muslims is a mandatory five-year mandatory ritual. Why is the Muslim community so important in every moment of the election? Of course because the democratic system requires the most votes as an indication of victory in the presidential contest.

As usual, pesantren is one of the sound barns that is targeted by candidates. Pesantren, especially kiai figures are strategic elements for efforts to gain votes.

Besides having many worshipers, the kiai is also a spiritual figure whose oral is still heard by the public. That is the reason both candidates claim to be supported by kiai and ulama.

After Jokowi collaborated with KH Ma'ruf Amin who was the general chairman of the MUI, it was Prabowo's turn to be fully supported by ijtima ulama II some time ago. The atmosphere is heavy for scholars. Because, polarization of ulama or pesantren in practical political contestation will bring consequences.

The ulama with the pesantren he led was a figure who had been instrumental in providing knowledge and enlightenment to the nation, now had to go directly into practical elections. The figure who has been tafaqquh fiddin all this time, now has to count on losing and winning.

Ulama, pesantren and power are three components that continue to experience the dynamics of relationships. Election 2019 is a process of strengthening relations between ulama and power politics.

Islam itself is a complete religion that has a complete political conception. This is where the cleric must be careful to step. The mistake of the ulamas in mingling with practical politics will have a big impact on this nation.

Ideally, the involvement of scholars in politics will bring this nation to the peak of goodness and glory. One important thing is that there should not be a polarization process that is increasingly sharply inter-religious due to this 2019 Election.
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