This is the Initial Balance of the Fund for the Campaign of the Jokowi-Ma'ruf Team

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The National Working Coalition Team (TKN) of the Indonesian Work Coalition (KIK) submitted the file of the Initial Campaign Fund Report (LADK) to the Indonesian KPU, Saturday (9/22). A number of General Secretaries (Sekjen) from the party supporting Jokowi-Ma'ruf gave it to the KPU RI, Central Jakarta at 15.55 WIB.

"In accordance with the Election Law and KPU regulations, today we report the start of a special campaign fund account and this is done at all levels," said Secretary General of the PDIP, Hasto Kristiyanto at the Indonesian KPU, Saturday (9/22).

That, he said, as a commitment of his party to improve the quality of Indonesia's democracy. The commitment was marked by transparency in the financial management of campaign funds for the campaign team.

He explained, the campaign team had made national, provincial, and city-level accounts to be reported to the Indonesian KPU. In that momentum, he delivered the initial balance in the account which was the total campaign funds of Rp. 11.9 billion.

"Consists of cash in a special account of Rp 8.5 billion. Then in the form of goods of Rp 3.4 billion, and the rest is KAS from the campaign team, "Hasto explained.

He also explained, the total funds were donations from political parties supporting and also companies in accordance with the provisions set out in the Act.

Corporations or companies, he said, maximum provide funds of Rp. 25 billion and individuals a maximum of Rp. 2.5 billion. "All conditions related to our NPWP are fulfilled," Hasto explained.
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