These are the 17 Points of Prabowo Signed Integrity Pact

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Presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto will attend Ijtima Ulama II at the Grand Cempaka Hotel, on Sunday (16/9). At the event, Prabowo signed an integrity pact containing a number of things that were demanded by the ulama if he won the upcoming 2019 presidential election.

In the Second Ulema Council, Prabowo expressed his gratitude to the scholars who were willing to support him. He also promised to maintain the trust.

"Thanks to the Ulema Council, for the trust given to us, for the support that was so sincerely given. This is something that touched me," said Prabowo, while holding a press conference at the Grand Cempaka Hotel on Sunday (16/9).

Meanwhile, in the same place the Deputy Chairperson of Gerindra, Fadli Zon appreciated the support given by this cleric. According to him, the support of the ulama became an encouragement and added to the optimism of the Prabowo camp.

"So I think this will be an encouragement as well as our optimism to win in the 2019 presidential election," Fadli said.

The contents of the integrity pact amounted to 17 points. The integrity pact was signed by a number of representatives of the ulama along with Prabowo Subianto. The contents of the pact are:

1. Able to carry out the Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution purely and consistently.

2. Ready to guard and uphold religious values ​​and ethics that live in the midst of society. Ready to safeguard the morality and mentality of society from undermining lifestyles and destructive understandings that are contrary to decency and other prevailing norms in the midst of Indonesian society.

3. Siding with the interests of the people in every policy-making process by taking into account the principle of representation of the proportionality of justice and togetherness.

4. To respect the needs and interests of religious people, both Muslims and other religions recognized by the Indonesian government to maintain national unity.

5. Able to maintain and manage ukhuwah islamiyah (brotherhood of Muslims) fairly to create peace and peace in the midst of Indonesian society.

6. Maintaining national natural wealth for the benefit of the greatest prosperity of the Indonesian people.

7. Maintaining the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia territory from the threat of separatism and imperialism.

8. Supporting the struggle for Palestinian independence in various diplomatic stages in the world in accordance with the spirit and mandate of the opening of the 1945 Constitution.

9. Ready to keep the mandate of TAP MPRS No. 25/1966 to protect the Unitary Republic of Indonesia from the threat of communism and understandings that could weaken other nations and countries.

10. Ready to guard the religions recognized by the Indonesian government from blasphemy, humiliation, defamation, and other actions that can provoke the emergence of conflict or the occurrence of conflict through law enforcement actions in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

11. Ready to continue the reform struggle to uphold the law fairly without indiscriminately to all citizens.

12. Ready to guarantee the right to associate, gather, and express opinions verbally and in writing.

13. Ready to guarantee a decent life for every citizen to be able to realize food sovereignty, clothing and board availability.

14. Ready to provide a budget that prioritizes general education and religious education proportionally.

15. Provide adequate budget allocations for the implementation of public health and maintain the appropriateness of government and private hospital services.

16. Ready to use the constitutional and attributive rights inherent in the President's office to carry out the rehabilitation process, ensure the return, and restore the rights of Habib Rizieq Shihab as an Indonesian citizen, as well as provide justice to the scholars, activists 411, 212, and 313 who have ever / is undergoing a process of criminalization through accusations of treason that have been alleged. Enforcement of justice also needs to be done to other figures who experience persecution.

17. Respecting the position of ulama and willing to consider the opinions of the ulamas and other religious leaders in solving problems concerning the benefit of the life of the nation and state.
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