The Pesantren Bill is Called Completed 2019

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Deputy Secretary of the PPP Parliament Faction Achmad Baidowi assured that the Pesantren Bill would be finalized in the 2014-2019 period. The RUU Pesantren has been approved at a meeting of the DPR Legislative (Baleg) and is awaiting a meeting of the Deliberation Body (Bamus) with the leadership to advance to the plenary meeting.

"This period must have been completed. After being approved by the Legislative Assembly, the proposer conveyed to the leadership to be discussed in the Bamus so that the endorsement would be scheduled in the plenary meeting as a bill on the DPR's initiative proposal," Baidowi said when contacted by on Monday (9/24).

Later if the RUU Pesantren plenary meeting is passed as an initiative of the DPR, the next step is discussion with the government. The Ministry of Religion as a government institution will also take part in the discussion.

As one of the proposers of the Pesantren Bill, Baidowi said that this bill was made with the aim that the implementation of education had a legal umbrella. This legal umbrella must be strong so that the attention of the state can be greater.

This attention is not only in the institutional and social aspects of society, but also in the aspect of the budget. Pesantren is considered as an educational institution that is able to inject other aspects of religion as well as character, morals, and ethics to the young generation of Indonesia.

To the leaders of the pesantren, Baidowi assured that he would always be invited to negotiate until the bill was passed as a law. Every input and criticism given will be accommodated and discussed together.

"We have all objections and criticisms. This bill is still a draft. The discussion will be after approval from patipurna. Well, at that time we will invite the leaders of the pesantren," he said.

The man who also served as a member of the Baleg also hoped that all factions could later approve the existence of this Pesantren Bill. PPP itself continues to communicate with stakeholders to improve the draft bill.
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