The Ombudsman Suggests a Rice Stock Audit Government

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he Indonesian Ombudsman suggested conducting an audit of the stock position and the entire capacity of the Bulog warehouse. Audit is needed so that there is clear information and data related to the availability of national food stocks.

"The government must do a stock audit of the Bulog, including its warehouse capacity to find out what the situation is actually like. Is the stock abundant, is it sufficient or not," said a member of the Indonesian Ombudsman, Ahmad Alamsyah Saragih, in Jakarta this weekend.

According to him, from the audit it can be seen clearly how the actual capacity of Bulog's warehouses. In addition, it can be seen also how much national average rice production is entering.

If the stock data is known, the government can be more precise in determining the needs of rice that must be imported. In addition, he added, it is also necessary to evaluate rice stocks on the market and mills.

"From there, everything will be seen, how much is absorbed from farmers, how many stocks are on the market, and how many national needs. Then what is the import requirement calculated. Because this import is to cover our rice balance deficit," he said.

Alamsyah also asked the BPS to immediately release the results of the calculation of rice production data that had been carried out using the area sampling (KSA) method. "Ensure that information and data on food are published properly to the public," he added.

In relation to the polemic that occurred between the Managing Director of the State Logistics Agency, Budi Waseso and the Minister of Trade Enggartiasto Lukita, he hoped that coordination and communication between institutions would be prioritized.

"It seems that there is a communication model that is not clear, which starts from the decision making in Rakortas. Inside it has been agreed, but beyond mutual objection," said Alamsyah.

Therefore, he asked President Joko Widodo to remind officials not to cause noise, related to rice import policy.

"Ministers and related officials' warnings are not clear, so as not to damage public confidence," he said.

With regard to Bulog's warehouse capacity, it should be able to accommodate 4 million tons of rice stock. While up to now, the rice stock in Bulog's warehouses reaches 2.4 million tons.

Capacity of 400 thousand tons in a state of repair and rent for commercial purposes. The rest, as much as 1.2 million tons is used as a reserve to accommodate rice supplies from domestic production, in the event of a major harvest.

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