The meaning of nine for chocolate bands

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Bandung band, Cokelat, is busy preparing for the launch of its latest album. For Cokelat, the ninth album has an important meaning in their 22-year career.

The album, titled "9" marks the furthest achievement of Chocolate as long as it works in the country music world. In a media meeting some time ago, Ronny Febri Nugroho as the bassist of Chocolate revealed the important meaning behind this "9" album.

"Why nine? In some cultures the number nine symbolizes perfection. For us to produce the ninth album is not an easy achievement," said Ronny.

According to Ronny, Chocolate has gone through various difficulties and obstacles to get to this album. Ranging from changing personnel to changing musical trends that are very drastic.

Although not with a whole and the same formation, at least Chocolate still exists and can produce music. Not a few bands of Chocolate colleagues were no longer heard from.

For Chocolate, said Ronny, meeting the number nine is a fortune and a gift. So it's no exaggeration if Chocolate celebrates that achievement by dedicating it specifically in the form of an album.

Marking the importance of the "9" album, Cokelat will fill this ninth album with nine new songs and is scheduled for release in early 2019. A total of four songs that are part of this album have been released previously, namely Betrayed, Love My Matter, Garuda and Heart Transition.
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